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Total Enterprise.

Self-management tools for Start-ups, Small and Growing Enterprises in Africa.


The most practical online platform for Start-ups, Small and Growing Enterprises in Africa.
TotalEnterprise ERP
Bookkeeping (Finances)

Take control of your finances by tracking your income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Rich reports with financial performance ratios and trends available.

TotalEnterprise ERP
People Management

Reduce HR paper work so you can focus on keeping employees motivated and happy. Keep accurate records of your staff and give employees a portal to initiate HR activities.

TotalEnterprise ERP

This package comes with customizable modules for Sales, Purchasing, HR, Finances, and more. A clean and powerful ERP on the cloud and one-stop management solution for all businesses.

TotalEnterprise ERP

Tools to track and monitor charitable and social activities in order to bolster development goals. We even have a mobile fund raising platform integrated.

TotalEnterprise ERP

Trustworthy management of educational results and student well-being. Includes flexible academic and billing model setup.

TotalEnterprise ERP
Supply Chain & Production

Initiate purchasing of products into inventory for production or stock for sale, create batches and gain insight into  yield per batch.

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Built for startups and businesses of all sizes.

  • Better tracking of inventory requested by various departments
  • Digitised record keeping, saving on expenditures on physical folders and filling cabinets.
  • Speedy retrieval of client and supplier information, reducing search and waiting times
  • Improved decision making in purchasing for your business, preventing waste
  • Systematic billing of customers with real-time sales analytics and better insight into demand trends
  • Reporting of foreign exchange effects on receivables and payables.
  • Service Desk to help you switch to a customer service and on-time delivery mindset.
  • And others…

Flexible and Multipurpose

TotalEnterprise is made to adjust to your demands.

  • Flexible setup of every business function, from HR to Finance - full power over input parameters and process.
  • Grant or revoke user privileges to team members at will.
  • Multi-company, Multi-dashboard, Multi-user and Multi-privileges.
  • Multi-currency, discounts, taxes and payment terms
  • All modules integrated into General Ledger.
  • Automatic updates. We are continuously adding new features and improving existing ones.
  • Integrated with SAP Crystal Reports for powerful print reports
  • Clean and Simple Interface; Robust back-end
  • Scales with your business - built with the most advanced open-source database in the world
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User Friendly

Convenience to run your business from anywhere.

  • Efficient automation of daily activities end-to-end, removing waste and improving efficiency in operations.
  • Convenient insight into cash-flow, maturing obligations and customer receivables for better decision making.
  • Standard structure for statutory reporting and presentation to investors that saves time, e.g. Financial Statements, Income Tax/Social Security deductions, etc.
  • Visual representation of the state of your business at any time.
  • Powerful search, sorting and export functionality built into each form and report

What is ERP?

ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. Simply put, ERP is the concept of integrating all the important parts and processes needed to run a company within a single system. This way, an enterprise can properly plan the use of its resources because it has all the information required for effective decision making in one software.

TotalEnterprise is the most practical ERP solution for startups, small and growing enterprises in Africa, because it was built from over 14 years of practical entrepreneurial and consultancy experiences in West Africa, across more than 10 industries, and we keep making it better to help everyone win!

We offer more value than any other ERP solution on the market, at an unbelievable price. If you can find a better value product, we will beat our price down. We do this intentionally because we believe in African Entrepreneurs and want to empower SMEs to succeed.

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Find out what's really happening with your business from essential business analytics and probe deeper into information previously hidden.


TotalEnterprise is able to do many things quickly, accurately and in a timely manner, so you can focus on real business.


Run your business in real time. TotalEnterprise empowers you to make quick decisions. Go from being reactive to proactive.


All of your business in one secure place – a holistic picture. Live no longer in fragments of truth, only connect the dots.


Avoid the cost of bad business decisions. Grow your business based on facts and predictive analysis.


Information that is difficult to produce or access can quickly lose relevance. Get what you need, when you need it, wherever you are: stress-free!

was GH₵199/monthly
  • 1 user
  • Initial setup: GH₵300
  • Remote Support
  • Online Training Available
  • Extra user: GH₵65 each/month
  • ERP Implementation: GH₵150/day
  • Minimum 3-months subscription
most popular
  • 5 user bundle
  • Initial setup: GH₵500
  • Remote Support
  • Online Training Available
  • Extra user: GH₵65 each/month
  • ERP Implementation: GH₵500/day
  • Minimum 3-months subscription
Small Enterprise
was GH₵499/monthly
  • 10 user bundle
  • Initial setup: GH₵1,000
  • Remote Support
  • Extra user: GH₵65 each/month
  • ERP Implementation: GH₵500/day
  • Minimum 3-months subscription
Growing Enterprise
  • 20 user bundle
  • Initial setup: GH₵1,000
  • Remote Support
  • Online Training Available
  • Extra user: GH₵65 each/month
  • ERP Implementation: GH₵500/day
  • Minimum 3-months subscription

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